I also got a chance to mess around with server-side Swift and the Swift Package Manager using Kitura today. Lots of fun experimentation.

I made my first ever iOS app from the ground up today without following a tutorial. It’s just a quick and dirty proof of concept, but after working in pre-existing codebases for 9 months, it was exciting to start something fresh.

I’m excited that I might get a chance to learn some Kotlin at work! Thanks to Kotlin/Native, we may be able to share some of our already written Android libraries with our iOS apps.

I wonder if Apple’a next phone will be dubbed the “iPhone XS”. XS = extra small, so an iPhone XS Plus sounds a little weird.

My wife and I watched Sleepless in Seattle last night. I’d never seen it before. It was a lot more charming and nice than I expected. It was the first time I’d seen Meg Ryan in a romantic comedy, and I quickly understood her popularity. She’s inimitably charming and beatiful.

To me, the most interesting new Apple thing that happened yesterday is the iWork + Box integration. I don’t really understand where that came from and why it’s a thing.