Maybe this will be an unpopular opinion, but I wish there was an option to filter out replies to people I don’t follow on my feed.

After months of work, Navisphere Driver is now available in Europe! The list of supported countries doesn’t even fit on the screen! I’m very proud of the work the team and I did to make this happen.

I’ve been refactoring old code that I didn’t write for the past few days. The most valuable thing I’ve learned is how code formatting effects readability. There are many “clever” ways of writing code that make it difficult for someone unfamiliar with it to grok what’s going on.

I’m hoping all the talk around Facebook’s dirty business practices also starts the same conversation about LinkedIn.

I have a dream of one day writing a really good iTunes alternative for macOS. Something focused solely on music, with both library management and audio playback as the two main focuses.

My Bloody Valentine is doing a show in Saint Paul in July, and I’m trying to decide if I should go or not. Someone convince me. 🎵

I’m developing my first two iOS apps at the moment, and I’ve decided to make one of them open source. It’s a relatively simple app called Tiime, but one that will afford me the ability to easily iterate and experiment.

If you’re curious, or interested in helping, here’s the repo